Team-building learning experiences in Israel, made easy.

Israel Experience® designs tailor-made travel experiences to take your group to Israel.

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Let’s plan your group’s Israel experience together.

Partner with us to design a trip based on your group’s goals, preferences and schedule. Packed with culture, learning opportunities, and some of the freshest food you’ll ever eat, your group’s vision is our commitment. The only limitation on your itinerary is how big you can dream.

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Learn with all your senses.

Live like a local

Experience Israel in all of its authenticity by interacting with locals.

Venture outside the norm

Step out of your comfort zone with experiences you’ll talk about for years to come.

Form lifelong connections

Bond with your group before, during, and after your trip with thought-provoking discussions and an unforgettable itinerary.

Meaningful journeys

Experience travel that goes beyond the typical with a focus on cultural exchange.

Truly custom experiences

We work with you to create a trip tailored to fit your group’s needs.

High standard of service & hospitality

We’re obsessed with making  your trip to Israel fun and comfortable.

More than 50 years of experience bringing groups to Israel

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Study Abroad Offices

Religious Institutions

Jewish Federations
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Be Israel by Israel Experience® is here to design truly custom experiences that reflect your group's unique goals, considerations, and visions.

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