Meet Our Team

Be Israel offers carefully crafted experiences led by local experts.


Avi Steinberg
Director - BE ISRAEL
Tehila Ella Talmon
Deputy Director - BE ISRAEL
Michal Alperson
Director of Business Development
Sapir Swisa
Director - UK, South Africa and Australia Department
Dganit Mazouz Biton
Director - North American Department


Anna Shumacher
Tour Operator- Diller Teen Fellows program
Batya Mazor
Program Director
Elisha Lipin
Program Director
Hila Nissimian
Logistical Coordinator
Leah Rosen
Logistical Coordinator
Liz Mizrahi
Office Manager
Merav Laufer
Program Director and Content Writer
Moran Peled
Tour Operator - Diller Teen Fellows program
Nitsan Heimer
Program Director
Omer Drori
Program Director
Sarai Tuval Oren
Coordinator of Content, Sites and Activities
Shira Kochman
Program Director and Content Writer
Techiya Rosenman
Program Director
Yifat Shoshani
Recruitment Director

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