Health and wellness breaks in a country that is embracing sport like never before


The world’s top cyclists came to Israel for the Giro d’Italia race. Argentina’s soccer team followed, for a friendly match in Tel Aviv. Then came the European Acrobatics Championships. 

It’s not only professionals who have discovered Israel as a destination for sport and wellness. Visit any beach and you’ll see the yoga tourists. Head to Jerusalem during marathon season and the city is awash with runners. Walk around any city and you will see street workouts, open air hip hop lessons, and parkour daredevils. 

The countryside is full of breathtaking trails for hikers of all abilities. Even Biblical sites have become high-energy: Visitors kayak down the Jordan River and clamber over a floating obstacle course constructed in the Sea of Galilee. 

Israel has a vibrant outdoors culture, and the weather to match. Ask for a tailor-made IEfitness itinerary and we’ll help you make the most of it, whatever your interests and level of fitness. 

We know where to take you in this small-but-varied country for the best experiences, any time of year. We have itineraries that hack the seasons, so in a week-long trip, you can do water sports in the hot desert sun, then go ski-ing on a snowy slope. 

Once you have expended your energy, you’ll deserve a little pampering. So don your robe and slippers  -   Israel has the best spas in the Middle East.

What To Expect

Save your energy — you’ll need it when you get started on your active Israel itinerary. We know the country inside-out, so we’ll offer you Israel’s very latest experiences, then save you the hard work of making all the arrangements.

We’ll pair your chosen activity with great food a locally-sourced lavish-but-healthy lunch afterwards. We’ll we’ll focus on the details that lift your experience from special to amazing -  like making sure you hit the finest viewpoint on the mountain hike exactly at sunset. And we’ll send you home feeling both energized and relaxed.