Explore a remarkable country through its cuisine, with the best-tasting tours in the Middle East


We’d like to take you out for a drink. To the tiny family-run winery that’s one of Israel’s best-kept secrets. Then we’ll take you behind the scenes at a gourmet chocolate factory, where the company’s founder will offer you sample after mouth-watering sample.

Prepare your taste buds. This is just the first evening of your #IEfoodies experience. 

Israel is like no other foodie destination. It has a unique culinary story. No need for a guide book;  Just eat and drink,and you’ll discover the story of the state.

This land is home to Jewish families from the four corners of the world. Each has brought their own dishes and diets. 

The queen of Moroccan-Jewish cuisine will serve you couscous spiced with turmeric, cumin, cinnamon and coriander, just as her mother made it back in Casablanca. And the baker from Ethiopia, who walked through a desert to reach the Promised Land, will tear off a piece of his sourdough injera bread for you.

Food tells us about the present as well as its past. Israelis take global trends, and shift them up a gear. That’s why Tel Avivians have turned their city into the vegan capital of the world, it’s why the organic farm you’ll visit can’t keep up with demand for olive oil. And it’s why there are even whisky distilleries now in Israel, where staff are waiting to offer you a wee dram.

What To Expect

Planning a foodie tour can be like ordering at a fast-food joint. Many operators give you a menu with limited options and force you to pick a combo deal.

But with IE, it’s like ordering dinner from your personal chef. Tell us your likes and dislikes, your memorable moments as a food-tourist and we’ll find new experiences to excite your palate like never before.