Stretch your mind and see the sights, with invigorating educational trips


Brainpower is often called Israel’s “natural resource.” The world’s top thinkers come here to research and learn — and we help students from around the globe who want to grab a piece of the action. 

If Israeli tech triumphs excite you, we’ll arrange inspiring meetings with real innovators. If you want to explore the country and its culture, we’ll help you choose from a range of programs run by NGOs. If you want to dig up the past, visit our ancient sites and see what you can unearth. And if you yearn for an academic adventure, we’ll get you studying with the brightest and the best. 

Our trips open doors to some of the most prestigious universities in the Middle East. Participants have hobnobbed with Nobel Prize winners and been mentored by some of the greatest minds of the 21st century. 

If you are an educator, consider taking your course to the next level by offering your students a change of scenery, gather knowledge in new surroundings, and earn credits as they go. If you are a professional treating yourself to a mini-sabbatical, we will find the program that’s a perfect fit.

And as well as all the intellectual stimulation we’ll ensure there is still time for hiking through history, tasting new foods, and sunbathing on idyllic beaches.

What To Expect

We understand where our clients are coming from, and how to satisfy their intellectual appetites.

Organising a study trip is about much more than booking beds and buses. Our staff have the expertise that many in the tourism business lack. They are phenomenally well-informed team, with the knack of finding out just what excites and enthuses our participants. You don’t need to come up with “a plan” — just tell us about your passions and we’ll do the rest.