Grow as an educator in a small country that thinks big


Israel is a young country with a young population. One in four citizens is at school, and teachers here have a well-deserved reputation for passion and innovation. So where better to learn about education?

If you’re a professional educator, this is the place to observe others, to enrich your skills, and to meet leading thinkers as they tackle the big questions in pedagogy. What role, for example, does education play in building communities? What are the best tools for talking about multiculturalism? How do teachers address the turbulence of modern geopolitics, or the empowering of female students from ultra-traditional communities? 

Our trips are popular with people from both formal and informal education. We host teachers from kindergarten, elementary school and high schools, as well as university professors.  We have received many youth workers and social workers. 

We’ll take you to the very heart of Israeli society, to see what challenges it faces, and how it’s finding solutions. Hop on board the chemistry lab-on-wheels to see how science education is being transported to poor, remote, areas of the country. Or visit a tennis centre in the north of Israel where Arab students attend coaching courses  -  and improve their Hebrew as they practice with Jewish players.

Educators who have toured Israel with us say it’s a crash course in thinking outside the box. They get to see the sights all tourists see — and they get a glimpse of what really makes this country tick.

What To Expect

Israel’s education system is vast and diverse. Tell us exactly where your interests lie, and we’ll come up with a tailor-made itinerary of site-visits, tours and lectures.

Some of our clients want to explore Israeli multiculturalism, so we take them to spend time at an Arab-Jewish school. Others are keen to find out how an education system copes with the strains from an exploding population. Many want to see close-up just how Israel teaches tech, and how it is that so many youngsters here excel as innovators. We take them to see the coding classes where the innovators of the future are learning.