Train the Trainer – "Qushiyot" Jewish Educators Fellows Trip to Israel
January 26, 2023

If you have ever participated in a professional adults training, you might have noticed how "adults become children" once in a group setting... (did someone mention fidget spinner?); It does not make it easier, that participants are required to change "seats" repeatedly, from the "expert" chair to the "student" chair.

But the real challenge is that one needs two separate sets of skills and knowledge: first, one needs to fluently know the topic they are teaching and second, one needs to know how to transfer that information to the student. Now, if this is not complexed enough, let's talk about Israel Education.

This perplexed yet common scenario, got us excited at the Israel Experience:  we were privileged to work with The Jewish Education Project on their Educators fellows trip to Israel – Qushiyot.

Qushiyot is a 12-month network experience, offering an opportunity to connect with colleagues of diverse perspectives and partake in a range of learning opportunities to spur innovation. It is a comprehensive, open approach to Israel education that embraces the vibrant complexity of Israel. The highlight of the 12 months is an 8-day trip to Israel.

This summer, participants, from different backgrounds, and different levels of knowledge about Israel, experienced Israel together. The goal was for them to get home to their communities, schools, and Jccs, with a better understanding of contemporary Israel. More importantly, during the trip educators got to deal with controversial issues through their relationship with Israel.

Together with our client, we thought about creative. mind provoking experiences and speakers, that would genuinely engage participants to ask questions, and step out of their comfort zone, even in Israel - a place that feels like home for many of us.